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5 ways to use Qwilr beyond proposals

Have you ever heard of the show MacGyver? It originally aired in 1985 and was rebooted later in 2016. The show follows MacGyver, a secret agent who, contrary to many other secret agent shows, relies on his own ingenuity and intelligence instead of fancy gadgets and weapons. 

The most defining MacGyver trait, and the one often parodied by things like SNL with MacGruber, is his ability to fashion together different tools using everyday objects like paper clips and chewing gum. When MacGyver looked at an object he didn’t simply see what it was, he saw what it could be. 

Though most of us probably aren’t disarming bombs with a piece of spearmint gum, having the ability to see past the obvious is an incredibly useful talent. For example, lots of people use Qwilr for proposals, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

To help bring out your inner MacGyver, we’ve put together a list of five ways you can use Qwilr beyond proposals.

Sales collateral

As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. However, in today’s world, it’s not only important to provide information, but to do so in an engaging way. Pamphlets and PDFs are not going to cut it if you want to stand out. You need something better.

Imagine if your case studies and one-pagers weren’t just static documents, but dynamic web-pages that were mobile-responsive, trackable, and allowed you to include the engaging video content your marketing spent years developing.

Not only do those make for a more impressive document, they also help make a better performing one. According to research, companies who include videos on their webpages have 41% more traffic than those who don’t. 

Along with potentially bringing in more traffic, people tend to retain much more information from videos than they do when reading text. So, not only will more people potentially see you’re sales collateral, they’ll also be more likely to remember it. I believe that’s what the youth call a “win-win.” 

Interactive quotes

We’ve all done some online price comparison. I have friends who spend hours adjusting different coverage options for their car insurance to see if they can get a better rate. In fact, one study found 80% of shoppers compare prices online before making a purchase in a store

What both of those really come down to is agency. People want to feel empowered when making purchasing decisions. Though much of the market caters to that desire, a standard business quote doesn’t. The only way to do so is through an interactive quote. 

With an interactive quote your prospect is able to customize what they want. It empowers them. Outside of giving them the power of choice, you’re also able to introduce them to other offerings you have they may not have previously known about. 

If your quote comes in below their budget, they may be more open to looking at those additional services. However, if you’re not using an interactive quote, you may not have the same opportunity. 

Job postings

Since Qwilr Pages are web pages, there are a lot of different things you can do with them. One that we use internally is for job postings. Not only are they easy to design, but you can also include other web elements to stand out to applicants. 

For example, you might embed a web survey to get the applicants details. Then you could include a video showing your company culture and also images of your team and product. Being able to share these details and give folks a behind-the-scenes look at your company is vital. One study found company culture was the top reason candidates chose one position over another

Also, if you’ve already created templates in Qwilr, you’ll have a great starting point to streamline the process. If you don’t already have a template the good news is after you make your first Qwilr Page you can simply save and duplicate that page moving forward to make new job postings pain free. 

Various docs

There are many different types of documents your organization may use: offer letters, contractor agreements, onboarding guides, and so on. If any of these documents have terms someone needs to accept, or information to disseminate, you can use a Qwilr Page to do it. 

Just as with using Qwilr for proposals, the benefits you get from using them for other types of docs are the same. You’re able to easily update terms if needed and let someone accept from any device. By using a Qwilr Page you save time for everyone involved. 

Along with that, you’re able to make sure your brand is well represented in all phases. Having that consistent presence helps make you appear more professional, which can in turn increase the level of trust someone has in your company

If you’re curious about the different kind of docs you could potentially use Qwilr for, here’s a short list: 

  • Volunteer agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Statement of work
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Client report

Note: Since Qwilr pages are legally binding agreements we strongly suggest seeking the advice of legal counsel when putting together any document. We are not legal experts and cannot provide any guidance on those matters. 

Online portfolio

When interacting with prospects it’s common to show different examples of your work. Though those examples are great to share in your proposals, sometimes you want to share those samples prior to the proposal stage. 

With a Qwilr Page you can quickly put together an online portfolio and include different visual elements and other web-based items like videos. Along with including examples of work you can also embed a contact form to let the prospect contact you directly from your online portfolio. 

Another benefit is our intuitive editor allows you to easily update your portfolio after completing new projects. Which means new prospects will always be able to see your latest, and greatest, work. 

Just the tip of the iceberg

Though we talked about five ways you can use Qwilr Pages beyond proposals, we’re really just scratching the surface. Once you start seeing the world through MacGuyver-tinted lenses, it’s hard to stop. And that’s a good thing. 

Not only does it help you get the most out of the things you already have, but it opens you up to a whole new set of possibilities you may have otherwise missed. So, stay open, be curious, and stay willing to see what’s possible instead of simply what is.

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