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Brief: Why (and how) your Sales Experience must wow buyers to drive revenue

Virtual selling. Asynchronous selling. Buyer enablement. Buyer engagement. There’s no denying it: we’re in a pivotal era for modern selling. While B2B buyer behaviours have progressed, most sales practices are lagging. In today’s competitive market, sellers need to wow buyers not just with their products and/or services, but throughout the buyer journey, in order to drive revenue. In this brief, we explore the shifting expectation of B2B buyers and what organizations can do to amplify the sales experience they deliver, and win more business.

In this brief we’ll explore:

  • How and why buyer behaviour and expectations have changed
  • How and why seller behaviour needs to change in order to drive revenue
  • How an organization's sales experience can be the catalyst to increase buyer engagement, win rates, and reduce sales cycles
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