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Simplifying 1:1 buyer experiences

September 15, 2021 | 10:00 am ET

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About the webinar

Study after study shows the positive impact of a personalized buyer experience, but the biggest challenge is too many demands for our time and attention.

Who has time for personalization?

Join us for an insightful discussion in which we’ll share the secrets to not only making 1:1 sales possible, but saving time in the process, too.

Hear practical use case examples and actionable tips you can apply in your organization, including:

  • Ways to improve impact and reduce time in your sales process
  • How to easily leverage siloed data to enhance your buyer experience
  • How to customize your CRM to meet your specific needs

This is a must-attend event for anyone in a sales or marketing leadership role. What you will learn can improve your closed/won rate and impact your bottom-line— register for the session of your choice today!

Webinar speakers

Chris Wisniewski

Chris Wisniewski

VP, Marketing & Customer Success, Paycove

Virginia Bray

Virginia Bray

Co-Founder & Sr. Director, Marketing Fusion

Sarah Frazier

Sarah Frazier

Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Qwilr