Joint Execution Plan Template

Create a clear path to close with 30 Minutes to President's Club's Joint Execution Plan template.

Joint Execution Plan Template

About this template

If you're often navigating complex deal cycles, 30 Minutes to President's Club Joint Execution Plan template is an essential resource to add to your toolkit.

Collaborate with your buyer on success criteria, impact calculations, and a robust action plan that addresses their motivation to purchase.

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What's included?

  • Executive summary
  • Key priorities
  • ROI calculator
  • Success criteria
  • Stakeholders
  • Action plan

About the author

Armand Farrokh & Nick Cegelski, Hosts of 30 Minutes to President's Club

Armand Farrokh & Nick Cegelski|Hosts of 30 Minutes to President's Club

Armand is known for going on rants about bad telemarketers. Nick is known for motivating anyone, even a marketer, to cold call.

A joint execution plan is a coordinated strategy outlining the specific actions, timelines, and responsibilities of multiple parties working together to achieve a common goal.

An effective JEP covers:

  • What actions need to be taken to achieve the buyer's objective and get the deal done?
  • Who needs to complete what actions and when?

By collaborating on a JEP, both parties can align their expectations, resources, and efforts, facilitating smoother implementation and a higher probability of success.

A joint execution plan is particularly useful once your champion is on board, and you have secured time with decision-makers. It serves as a tool to manage the deal to close by putting all necessary steps in writing and fostering collaboration with your champion within the organization.

Pro tips:

  1. Incorporate the JEP into your recap email to clearly lay out the next steps in the sales cycle.
  2. Explicitly name the stakeholders you wish to engage with throughout the process (and some context as to why it's in the champion's best interest to bring them into the fold.)

Using 30MPC's JEP template will help you navigate the deal cycle with important key decision makers, and get to close, faster.

As you go about creating a joint execution plan with you champion, you should look to collaborate with them on the following:

  1. Executive summary: The overview of the opportunity and primary considerations.
  2. Key priorities: The main goals and focus areas to ensure all stakeholders are aligned.
  3. ROI calculations: The anticipated return on investment (time/energy).
  4. Success criteria: How the success of the project can be measured.
  5. Key stakeholders: The individuals or teams that would need to be involved in the decision or implementation on both sides.
  6. Action plan: The specific actions, designated owners, and deadlines.

Remember, be sure to collaborate with your buyer on this. It's called a joint execution plan for a reason!

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‘Asking for power’ refers to seeking access to decision-makers or individuals with the authority to make purchasing decisions within the prospect’s organization.

The ‘person in power’ is the decision-maker or individual who has the authority to make a purchasing decision.