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Nicky Fuste, Strategy Manager, ADman Media

With Nicky Fuste

Strategy Manager, ADman Media

ADman Media is a video supply-side platform in Spain and Latin America. With 7 offices around the world, ADman offers video advertising solutions to help brands reach their goals.

The challenge

The Challenge

Multi-Media Proposals

ADman Media’s main objective was to showcase their video production chops in each proposal. Adman wanted to embed multiple videos and allow clients to easily view and interact with their documents on-the-go.

Nicky Fuste (ADman’s Strategy Manager) tried about a dozen online services, but was frustrated.

We tried everything – but nothing was quite right, resulting in lost time and money. None of them were a solution.

The solution

The Solution

Documents made in minutes.

After finding Qwilr, Nicky quickly realised she was on to something. She was immediately sold by the versatility of qwilrs. Being webpages rather than traditional ‘paper’ documents, ADman’s proposals could now be accessed by a client simply clicking a link in an email (or anywhere else it shared a URL link) and then reviewing, interacting with and even accepting the proposal in any web browser — on any device, regardless of its screen dimensions.

A client could now start reviewing a proposal on her 27-inch desktop monitor and then continue doing so on the subway home through her mobile device, with text and images dynamically resizing to fit her screens.

As a bonus, Nicky realised that ADman could also send its clients Qwilr proposals in PDF form and (given the versatility of webpages) do so both in landscape and portrait orientation — something that no other service allowed.

An unexpected benefit of using Qwilr was the speed with which ADman team members found themselves creating beautiful proposals. In fact, within just minutes, Nicky had created her first proposal without having to consult a designer.

It’s really easy and really fast… Within 10 minutes I had already built a proposal. Anyone can create an amazing proposal without spending time designing (or without any knowledge about design).

The results

The Results

Beautiful, reusable proposals.


What makes Qwilr different is the wonderful design. It’s amazing how Qwilr allows us to create beautiful proposals without spending time designing.

Particularly useful here was the Library feature, which allowed ADman team members to save, share and reuse specific blocks within qwilrs and thereby “easily create new proposals with saved information.”

In managing the content library, ADman’s team made full use of Qwilr’s advanced analytics feature, monitoring which content blocks were being viewed most by clients and thereby tailoring and optimising that content to fit clients’ needs.

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