Qwilr has been designed from the ground up to be a safer & more secure way to send your documents than traditional methods.


Security Protocols

Qwilr has five main security mechanisms:

  • Password Protection: Qwilr users can add their own passwords to qwilrs. These can be as complex as desired and can be changed regularly as needed.
  • Time Limit: Qwilrs can be made accessible only within a particular time-frame.
  • Disable: Qwilr links can be disabled (i.e. data is not deleted, only the accessible URL is disabled).
  • Analytics: With Qwilr, as opposed to PDFs or traditional files, you are able to track how many views your document has. If you see that your qwilr is getting views that you believe are not legitimate you can quickly and easily disable the link, making the Page inaccessible.
  • HTTPS: Qwilr uses strong HTTPS encryption (the same technology your bank uses) to protect your qwilrs.

Secret Links

URLs for qwilrs are protected by secret links, which are secured using the same security technology that Dropbox and Google use to ensure private access to web-based material.

For the technical details: random URL hashes are created by generating a RFC4122 compliant UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) and base64 encoding it.

Search engines do not crawl these private URLs – unless they are posted to a public website.

Data Storage

Qwilr’s servers and data center are provided by some of the top cloud infrastructure providers in the world, with a well-deserved reputation for security. Qwilr is backed up multiple times every hour of every day.

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