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Create a beautiful jewellery proposal

Use Qwilr to create a beautiful jewellery proposal . Impress prospects by adding video, pricing calculators, forms and more, get notified when they view the proposal, and enable them to accept and sign online.


Create beautiful proposals in minutes

Use our professionally-designed templates to get started and include video, images, maps and more.


Build your own or use our templates

Our professionally-designed templates dramatically reduce the time it takes to build a proposal, or you can start from scratch if you prefer.

Add different types of content

Our simple editor makes it easy to add different types of content, including video, images, text, maps, interactive pricing calculators, and more.

Customise it to your brand

Add your logo, colours and fonts to make it truly yours.

Easily share them as responsive web pages

Share your jewellery proposal as a beautiful responsive webpage that looks great on any device, or download it as a PDF for sharing the old fashioned way.


Looks great on any device

All proposals and documents created with Qwilr are responsive, so they look great on whatever device your prospects view them on.

Powerful security options

Make sure your jewellery proposal is viewed only by the people you want to see it. Add a password, time limit, view limit or require people to login before viewing.

Make it part of your website

Setup a custom domain (I.e. so that all your proposals and documents are coming from your domain.


Know when your proposal is viewed

Get notified by email, SMS, Slack & more the minute your proposal is viewed


Know when people view it

As soon as someone views your jewellery proposal , you can get notified by email, SMS, Slack, Chatter, Yammer and more.

See what they're engaging with

View detailed analytics on your jewellery proposal to see who viewed it, for how long, what content they interacted with, and more.

See the full history in your CRM

See when your prospects view and accept your proposal in the timeline view of your CRM.


Get signoff instantly

Digital signatures can reduce proposal turnaround time by up to 80%. Get acceptance and signoff quicker by enabling your prospects to accept and sign your jewellery proposal online.


Instant acceptance

Enable your prospects to instantly accept your jewellery proposal by adding a simple accept button.

Simple digital signatures

Allow your prospects to digitally sign your jewellery proposal with ease, and see a full audit history for legal compliance.

Collect payments straight away

Enable the payment options in Qwilr to make it easy for your prospects to pay for the work via their credit card.


Integrate with your other tools

Reduce paperwork and manual process by using Qwilr’s native integrations with your CRM, accounting, live chat & analytics tools.


Use data from your CRM to create and send personalised proposals, and see when your prospect views and accepts your proposal as Activity back in your CRM.

Live Chat

Chat with clients as they’re viewing your jewellery proposal , so you can quickly answer questions and close deals.


Automatically create a draft invoice in your accounting software when your jewellery proposal is accepted.

“Whatever we create in Qwilr looks absolutely brilliant. It helps show our work in the best light, and is downright impressive when clients see a Qwilr Page we have made for them.”





Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Qwilr to create a Jewellery Proposal?

Qwilr's proposals have been designed to streamline the sales process and land you more business. They are jampacked with many great features, such as interactive quote blocks, integrations and beautiful splash backgrounds, that will enhance your offering and make it that much easier for your prospective client to hit the accept button on your jewellery proposal.

What kind of content can I add to my Jewellery Proposal?

Qwilr's proposals are a beautiful fusion of the functional with the aesthetic. In Qwilr, not only can you create aesthetically pleasing design with our wide selection of splash backgrounds and videos, you can also embed important integrations, like Salesforce, HubSpot and Stripe, that streamline the functional elements of business to land you business every time.

Can I add pricing to my Jewellery Proposal?

You sure can! Qwilr's interactive quote block is one of our flagship features. In it users can group certain sections together to offer unique packages for clients to select from, make particular lines optional to highlight additional services on offer, and even apply discounts and taxes for potential clients to clearly see the complete cost of what's on offer.

How can I make my Jewellery Proposal match my brand?

Qwilr comes with a built-in brand editor that makes it easy for users to manage their brand image throughout their account. Users can select from a wide range of fonts and colours to make their proposals stand out as one of a kind.

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