Essential sales tools every team needs to accelerate growth

From reducing manual processes to increasing account intelligence to improving sales predictability, sales technology helps both salespeople and sales managers to be better at what they do. Whether your goal is to accelerate growth, optimize sales outcomes, or scale your team, an investment in the right sales tools gives your organization the foundation to succeed.  Read More

5 Ways to improve your cold emails

Crafting the perfect cold email can feel overwhelming. How can you capture the attention of a stranger? With the right tools and the right personalization tactics, you can optimize your outbound sales strategy to maximize engagement. Read More

How to know if you need quote software

In this article, we discuss indicators that the manual, individualized method of sending proposals is counterproductive to sales generation and customer relationship management, and it might be time to consider a more efficient option: quote software. Read More

7 Ways to optimize your sales process

Optimizing your sales process not only results in more closed-won deals, but can reduce the length of your sales cycle, improve efficiency, increase team morale, and be the difference between a good year and a banner sales year. Read More

5 Actionable strategies for managing your sales pipeline

If your sales are stagnating, it could be your sales pipeline is holding you back. From administration issues to follow-up, scrutinizing your sales pipeline can help identify where the bottlenecks are occurring, and what's preventing you from achieving your goals. Read More

Simplifying personalized buyer experiences

Likely, no sales or marketing person would dispute the value of a personalized buyer experience. But personalization requires time, and often time that we don't have. The answer lies in streamlining processes, integrating technology, and improving relevancy. Read More

4 Ways to boost an underperforming sales team

Sales productivity suffers when not enough time is spent selling. Sadly, only 23% of a rep’s time is spent with prospects and too much time is spent on unproductive work. To free up more time, look for repeated tasks that can be automated, and review your sales processes to ensure they are current with technology, and keeping pace with strategy shifts. Read More

How to dramatically reduce the time it takes to create sales proposals

Spending time creating and sending sales proposals is time you aren't billing out, managing your team, or improving your business. With a few simple tips, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to create a proposal and free up your time to focus on other, more important aspects of growing your business. Read More