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  • Aaron Beashel

How to get started with your block library

Responding to sales opportunities fast can be all the difference between catching their business before someone else does. Starting proposals or decks from scratch can take hours—if not days—and require tedious copying and pasting. Not only do delays hinder your chances, but showing up with an old fashioned deck might not reflect your skills as much as you’d like. 

Set up sections for your documents, and feel cool, calm, and completely prepared to respond to clients whenever you need to. 

Getting started with blocks 

Your Qwilr pages are made of different blocks that allow you to include all kinds of content, like video and embeds, into your documents. Combine different blocks to create different kinds of documents. This quick video explains how you can save and add blocks in Qwilr:

Reusing content in documents 

Building your pages block by block makes it possible to save each section and reuse it across other docs in the future. This works really well for commonly used sections—headers, quote blocks, testimonials, and contact information—as you’re able to save the most recent and accurate version and add it to all new docs. 

To kick-off, here are some block examples to inspire you with your own:

Headers and page titles: 

Catch the attention of your viewers and quickly personalize client information


Create interactive pricing tables where clients can add mould the quote to their need

Contact us: 

Design striking call-to-action blocks and give your viewers a way to get in touch


Back up your pitch with word-of-mouth testimonials that prove you can deliver results


Save your next block, search through your Block Library, and start building documents in minutes, not hours. Want more detail? Learn how to save blocks in Qwilr with these step-by-step instructions

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