Better Business Part 1: Say hello to our new pricing and quoting options

We're working on ways to maximise the changes of your proposals being accepted—check out what's coming to our pricing and quoting options.


We’ve been working on ways to maximise the chances of your proposals being accepted, and big changes are on the way for our pricing and quoting tools. Say hello to Better Business, our suite of new features for better quoting, better accepting, and better use cases with Qwilr 🎉

Today, we’re sharing the updates coming to our pricing and quoting options.

Our 5 favorite features of Better Quoting:

1. Expressive text formatting

Rebuilding the quote block from the ground up let us make some great changes, but we also really wanted to improve the basics—like how you format text. You’ll now be able to make things bold, add headings, lists, links and more—all from right inside the quote block.

2. Saved line item library

If you’re sending quotes all the time, this one’s for you—the ability to save and re-use line items. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to save a copy of any line item you’ve created to a Library—re-usable in any Quote Block in any project across your account.


3. Conditional pricing

A small but mighty change. Instead of having three line items showing prices for different quantities, you’ll be able to put it all into one—and make it simple and clear for anyone to interact with.

4. Custom units

Rates currently work well if you are in a services based business. But sometimes you need more flexibility, like using domain specific terms, or even a different language. Now, that’s all possible in just a few clicks.

Drumroll please… 🥁

5. Introducing packages

After a lot of research and chats with you, we realised enabling the idea of packages would make the biggest impact. You’ll now have greater control over how clients interact with your quote. Keep the total as the combined sections, or give clients the choice between one, or multiple. Greater flexibility in your quoting, making it more likely to get your work accepted.




In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the updates to our acceptance flow and how you can combine all these changes for new use cases.

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