Product polish: here’s what we’re proud of this month

Get stuff done faster—here’s everything we tweaked and released in February


Staying productive? Got a to-do list that never seems to be end? Feel like focus is fraying mid-week? We get it. Between multi-tasking, prioritizing the stuff on that list, and genuinely building relationships with your customers, it’s not easy to earn back time in your week. The easiest way to make a positive dent in the quality of your work? Start with making sure you’ve the right stack of tools to support your team.

Over the past month, we’ve shipped a few improvements aimed at doing just that, starting with making your common actions in Qwilr that much faster. Whether you’re sharing docs with your team, creating a new proposal for a client, or staying on top of who’s accepted what, here are five new updates to check out:

Create teams and share pages with multiple people in one click

A lot of our customers have quite large accounts, and creating and organizing teams is the easiest way to keep your house sorted. Organize by project or discipline (like sales or marketing) and set permission settings so relevant team members have access to relevant documents. You’ll also get a birds-eye view over who has access to what.

This is currently an Enterprise-only feature, but reach out and let us know if you’re interested in giving it a spin.

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Navigate faster with your new block library

Saving blocks is a core part of how you create and scale documents with Qwilr. We gave our block library a bit of refresh, making it easier to scan and find the block you need. And bonus points: it’s now easier and much faster to search through your block library, so make sure to give your blocks clear and descriptive names.

If you’ve never tried saved blocks, get a crash course here →

Zapier + Qwilr: the holy grail of sales automation

Interested in trying out sales automation tactics? Pair Zapier with Qwilr and start letting those admin tasks run in the background, instead of the foreground of your week. Whether you’re a sales team of one or twenty, sales automation is the secret weapon when it comes to building an effective sales process. Zapier allows you to connect with thousands of tools you already use, and can help notify you when lead status’ have changed, update project management tools, create invoices, and automatically create and personalize Qwilr pages for new clients.

No matter the size of your team, building automation into your sales workflows can boost productivity, save money, and give your team more time to focus on creating lasting client relationships.

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Stay on top of your multiple acceptors

Sometimes it takes a village. And that’s often with case with getting a proposal across the line. If you require multiple people to accept and sign, you’ll now receive an email notification for each acceptance, including the final summary.

You’ll know who has and hasn’t signed, and be able to accurately follow up with a polite nudge.

Answer questions with Drift, our new live chat integration

Chatting to your customers while they’re reading your proposal or brochure is the fastest way to remove roadblocks and address any questions they have. Along with Intercom, Olark, Slaask, and Crisp, you can now integrate with Drift.

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