How to leverage a great piece of content


Despite competing channels like paid search, programmatic advertising, social media, email marketing, and app marketing coming into the digital marketing ecosystem, one thing we know for sure is that content marketing is still king.

Content can perform on its own via organic search, or it can be amplified via the aforementioned channels– which is why it such a powerful medium. Businesses that effectively use content marketing have a better chance of securing high-quality leads and pay a remarkably lower cost-per-lead than only using paid advertising to fuel their sales pipeline.

A winning piece of content

No matter how much time you spend researching, creating content is a time-consuming process only won by trial and error. Your strategy should include reviewing your competition, analyzing the needs of your client and how to appeal to their target audience before you create content in order to reach the right audience to hit your goals and KPIs.

When you find that perfect combination and a piece of content begins to generate traffic and leads, it’s time to leverage the audience you’re tapping into with further marketing initiatives.

1. Updates

Ranking #1 for a high-value keyword or striking gold and going viral on social media is going to attract attention from your competitors. Don’t be surprised when they start looking to create improved versions of your content in an attempt to steal some of that traffic away.

You can prevent these efforts from being successful by updating your top performing content regularly. Review it once a quarter to ensure that it’s still the best resource available.

2. Niches and archetypes

Successful content is often well researched and takes a deep dive into content matter- an article or blog post that serves as an authority in the space and caters to target audiences will always be favored by the search engines and users alike.

Review content regularly to make sure that you’re capturing any opportunities with new audiences or untapped markets.

You can also supplement your content’s success by writing a complementary piece that tackles untapped audiences or markets that you’d like to capitalize on. You can also leverage content by creating variations of top performing pieces that speaks to different:

– Regions
– Age groups
– Occupations
– Post-purchase users
– Users of competitors products
– And more

Each piece of content will help you reach a new set of eyes and solidify your foothold in your specific niche.

3. Video

The internet has become a media-rich environment, and text-based content is no longer the only type of content that’s successful. Improvement in technology infrastructure like a reduction in data costs, an improvement in both speed and devices compounded with the psychological power of video has made it a powerful vehicle for successful content- especially on social media. Social networks have begun to heavily favor video, which in turn drives your initiatives forward.

Repurposing your content into a video is a great way to extend the life of your content, reach new users, offer them a different way of interacting with your business and tapping into video platforms as a traffic source.

4. Podcasting

Technology has finally caught up to podcasting and it’s seeing a bit of a renaissance. Users find podcasts the ideal media for long work commutes or to listen to while they work. Podcasts allow users to interact with your content without giving you their undivided attention and is an excellent way to grow relationships with your target audience.

If you’re already using video, you already have a back catalogue of content that can be easily converted into audio only files and placed on popular podcasting platforms or hosted on your site.
5. Media and downloadables

You can also enrich your best performing content by offering it in alternative formats like images, presentations, and downloadable files like PDFs.

You could create media-rich content such as:

– Infographics
– Lecture slides
– How to guides,
– Templates
– Troubleshooting manuals
– Industry expert summaries
– or Frequency asked questions and answers.

Double down on what works

Take note of what performs well for your organization and spend your time there instead of constantly searching for the next big content initiative. Working smarter instead of harder on solidifying the niches you currently dominate will help you hit your goals more efficiently.

Focusing on what works ensures that your competition is crowded out by your content streams, preventing them from swooping in and swiping some of the traffic you worked so hard to get.

Once you start to showcase that you’re an authority in your space, you’ll be rewarded with additional traffic through SEO and amplification across various channels and platforms.

About the author

Che Kohler is the co-founder of nichemarket, a South African Business Directory and digital marketing agency. He is an avid blogger who specialises in writing about marketing tech and cryptocurrency.

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