Increase your event proposal conversion rate with one simple trick

So what is it? What’s one simple trick that will boost your proposal conversion rate and land you more deals? The answer is web-based proposals.


Event proposals. This very real part of our day-to-day is guaranteed to make staff in charge of business development groan. At Qwilr, we know exactly how much time and energy your team puts into creating winning proposals so we want to make sure that your team gets the best results from the efforts put in.

Because after all, a good event proposal can make the difference between winning that shiny new contract or losing the prospect to a competitor. 

You may have landed here in hopes for tips on what content to include, what structure to use, or even just to gather some design inspiration for your events proposal in order to optimize the conversion rate for your proposal. 

All of the above are important aspects of a winning proposal, but for the purposes of this article, let’s focus on one aspect of a proposal that is rarely talked about: the medium.

For years, businesses have been using PDFs to create and present their proposals does this sound like your organization? Frankly, a prospect’s expectations around proposals have shifted dramatically and it’s up to us to set the standard and meet those expectations.

Clients now expect the convenience of online/web-based proposals. Not only that, but they expect them to go above and beyond the traditional PDF proposal.

Web-based proposals answer the call, with services like Qwilr allowing you to create stunning digital documents that create an experience that is more interactive and engaging for your prospective customers by utilizing video, interactive pricing, blocks, live chat, and more.

Not only are online proposals easy, visually stunning, and efficient for your team to create, studies show that utilizing them can bring an average of an 18% lift in conversion rates. Yes, they win you more work!

Why is this phenomenon occurring? Here are five reasons why online proposals are outperforming traditional paper and PDF proposals.

Fast to Create

If you’ve ever written an event proposal, you know exactly how tedious and inefficient it can be. Online proposal tools such as Qwilr make it extremely easy to create proposals online. Utilize our free template library or sign up for our Document Generator to start off with a pack of personalized, on-brand documents. Templates are easy to adjust to branding and product and provide a clear structure to act as a guideline. Check out our event proposal template.

You’re even able to create your own custom proposal templates and link Qwilr to your CRM tool. We integrate with tools like HubSpot or Salesforce easily and automatically which creates proposals by using client information you’ve already gathered and stored into the CRM database.

By making proposal creation a more agile process, you can send out more proposals and land more work. Or even spend that time working on other pressing matters for your business.

Cross-Device Compatibility

Web-based, digital proposals automatically adjust to and can be viewed on various devices; computer, tablet, or phones. When held up against a PDF, there is no comparison. PDFs aren’t made with cross-device compatibility in mind — they’re unable to scale images or fonts to the device they’re viewed on.

This results in a terrible viewing experience where you have to zoom in and swipe around like a mad person just to read a paragraph or two. Conducting business on our mobile devices is only increasing, creating an urgent need for proposals that are agile and compatible across devices.

Interactive and Engaging Content

Let’s try an experiment. We want you to embed videos or any other type of interactive content into your regular old PDF proposal. Go ahead, we’ll wait. How about adding pricing that updates in real time according to the package the prospect selects? Good luck!

You can do all of the above and much more — integrating live chat, embedding calendars to set up meetings, and more with an online proposal. This makes for a much more interactive and engaging experience for your prospective clients, ultimately leading to higher close rates.

Sign and Pay Online

If you’ve ever used Word or sent a proposal as a PDF, you know that there’s a ton of emails and activity around getting the proposal signed and approved before the deal is secured. Thankfully, online proposals get accepted much faster than traditional documents, meaning less time wasted waiting and chasing clients for a response.

Web-Based Proposals Are Editable

How many times have you sent a PDF proposal before realizing that you forgot to update something? In a PDF, you’d have to open the document, make the change, and then export it as a PDF again to make just one change.

An online proposal builder will change your entire workflow. You can make changes on the fly and the document updates in real time. So the next time you discover a typo in your proposal, you’ll be able to quickly and easily fix it.


Try Out An Online Proposal Builder

Check out this article to find out how to save time by creating a proposal on Qwilr. Or, you can get started now with our event proposal template.

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