Better Business Part 2: Improve your accept and payment flow with new updates

Introducing the improvements coming to your accept and payment flow. Geared to make your client interactions faster and easier than ever, your customers will experience a smooth and enjoyable way to accept and sign for your documents.


Last week, we unveiled the changes coming to our quoting and pricing options, and now we’re unveiling the changes coming to how clients and customers accept and sign for your documents. These updates are geared to make your client interactions faster and easier than ever—and we’re excited to get them in your hands.

Our 5 favorite features of Better Accepting

1. Single click signatures

Signing agreements online is a modern day luxury, but they’re a bit difficult to do with a mouse, and can look a little unprofessional. We’re still keeping this option for those skilled with a mouse, but adding in a shortcut so clients can sign faster and easier—in just a single click!


2. Team sign off, personalized

A long-standing request we’re very excited to bring you in the Better Business release. Soon, you’ll be able to have multiple people sign your qwilrs and personalize the Accept flow for them—with prefilled names so they know exactly where to sign.


3. Integrated into the navbar

A subtle but useful change—we’re adding Accept into the navbar. When your clients click here, they’ll seamlessly scroll to relevant sections and when used with a quote, they’ll also receive a handy total of what they will accept—surfacing important shortcuts your clients will really appreciate.



4. Partial & optional payments

Payments can act as the last step in the process of accepting a project, and we’re making them more flexible so nothing stumbles at the last hurdle. You’ll be able to request partial payments (for example, deposits), or mark payments as optional—so it’ll work with any client setup.



Drumroll please… 🥁

5. Accept is now a standalone block

It still works perfectly with the quote block, but now it can be used independent from quotes to create a whole new range of different agreements. Write text along side it, add images, and personalize it. Click our Accept button below to preview some of the changes—but make sure you don’t actually accept, so it remains visible for others!



In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the new ways you can use our quote and accept flow updates.

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