Better Business Part 3: New use cases for quoting and accept

Try out our new quoting and accept features and create new documents, like contracts, sponsorship packages, and interactive service offerings list.


With all new improvements coming to the way you build quotes and interact with your clients, take a look at the new ways you’ll be able to use Qwilr.

Our three favorite use cases for Better Business:

Pricing Lists

Your quote can now be independent from the Accept button, which opens a whole new range of different agreements. Create an interactive Pricing or Service Offerings List so your clients can get a rough idea on their estimated project cost, without the pressure of accepting on the spot.

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With the Accept button independent from the Quote Block, you’ll now be able to use Qwilr for much more than just pricing. We think you’ll get the most value by using it alongside contracts—especially by combining it with new features like prefilled names, signed timestamps and professional looking signatures.

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Tiered Pricing

The new Quote block can be inserted multiple times in your Qwilr page, which means you can break up and categorize your services. Prioritize them in order of your prospective client’s needs, and add supporting images, videos and contextual copy to help them stand out.

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We also see you taking advantage of Tiered Pricing to create project bundles and ticketing packages for things like invitations, conferences and sophisticated pricing options.

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