Introducing: Qwilr’s new e-sign experience

Close a deal anywhere, anytime— even at the grocery store. “We signed a deal while in line at Trader Joe’s,” commented one Qwilr SaaS customer. Qwilr’s upgraded e-signature capabilities makes virtual deal acceptance simpler for you and your buyer. Read More

Qwilr or PandaDoc: which should you choose?

When choosing proposal software, compare the features, the capabilities, the costs, and the anticipated ROI of your purchase. When you take a closer look at both Qwilr and PandaDoc, it’s clear why Qwilr is the better alternative to PandaDoc. Read More

Demonstrating product impact with an ROI calculator

While it’s true humans make decisions primarily based on emotions, it’s also true that we use logic to justify our actions to ourselves and to others. And when you’re dealing with tight budgets, you must provide tangible evidence why purchasing your software makes good business sense— if you want to win the deal. Read More