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Posts by Nykki Yeager

Introducing: Loom video embeds in Qwilr

With the recent rise in remote work, in-person meetings are few and far in between, and getting a call on the calendar amidst the mishmash of work, home, work-from-home, and — What day is it again? — can be a real struggle. It’s one reason video messaging tools like Loom are exploding in popularity. Sending someone…

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Shaking up the sales process: Our Series A funding

We launched Qwilr back in 2014 with the goal of reimagining how sales communication is done. We wanted it to be seamless, intuitive, impressive — and delivered fast. Since then, we’ve attracted an amazing customer base of thousands of teams from over 60 countries worldwide. This week, we’re proud to announce our Series A funding…

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COVID-19: What we’re doing to help

In the wake of COVID-19, we’re all up against some stark challenges. But perhaps now more than ever, it’s clear that we’re in it together. We’re all part of a global community — and it’s our view that we should be helping one another in whatever ways we can, no matter how small. Here’s what…

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Product polish: design-driven documents

So far this year, we’ve spent time on features that give you more flexibility when designing your Qwilr Pages, including one of your top requested features, 2 Columns. That’s because we know that design isn’t just for the creatives anymore. In today’s hyper-competitive world, it’s becoming increasingly important for all business functions from marketing, to…

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Product polish: new ways to collaborate

For many of us, work is becoming more collaborative than ever before. And that’s a good thing – when we work together, we reap the benefits of drawing on different perspectives and broader expertise, leading us to better results. Whether it’s crafting the perfect pitch, creating a winning proposal, or putting together any document that…

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