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Posts by Mercer Smith-Looper

3 interesting ways to use surveys for sales discovery

How often do you spend a ton of time working on a new lead… only for them to ghost and never become a client? There are many reasons why your prospects might disappear, and one of them is that you didn’t do enough discovery. Generating insights about your prospects’ needs can help you customize your…

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How to create feedback culture on your sales team

Have you ever played golf? Convention would lead you to believe it should be simple. All you’re doing is hitting a ball that’s sitting in place, right? However, there are a few details about golf that make it more difficult than one might think.  First, it’s not a very big ball. Second, people are watching…

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8 creative ways to find B2B sales leads

Once upon a time, sales was predictable. You had a product — it might have been the only one on the market — and you sold it to the people that needed or wanted it. But times have changed.  Now, your product probably has at least two major competitors and a ton of others offering something…

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Three top tips for women in sales

When you think of a salesperson, what do you see? You might imagine a Dwight Schrute-style car salesman in an ugly yellow shirt. Maybe, to keep The Office metaphor rolling, you see a Ryan: Bluetooth earbud in, suit on, talking loud and smiling smugly.  No matter what you envisioned, it was probably someone male-presenting. Most…

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How to deal when your prospect wants a discount

Picture this: you’re on a roll. You’ve got a great prospect, and everything seems like it’s on track to close. Your customer is excited. You’re fired up. Your manager is eager. Then, all of a sudden, they put on the brakes and start asking about discounts. Womp womp. It can feel like a total trainwreck…

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