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Posts by Mercer Smith-Looper

8 creative ways to find B2B sales leads

Once upon a time, sales was predictable. You had a product — it might have been the only one on the market — and you sold it to the people that needed or wanted it. But times have changed.  Now, your product probably has at least two major competitors and a ton of others offering something…

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Three top tips for women in sales

When you think of a salesperson, what do you see? You might imagine a Dwight Schrute-style car salesman in an ugly yellow shirt. Maybe, to keep The Office metaphor rolling, you see a Ryan: Bluetooth earbud in, suit on, talking loud and smiling smugly.  No matter what you envisioned, it was probably someone male-presenting. Most…

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How to deal when your prospect wants a discount

Picture this: you’re on a roll. You’ve got a great prospect, and everything seems like it’s on track to close. Your customer is excited. You’re fired up. Your manager is eager. Then, all of a sudden, they put on the brakes and start asking about discounts. Womp womp. It can feel like a total trainwreck…

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