The new rules of sales engagement

The 2022 buyer journey isn’t the same as the 2019 buyer journey. It presents, of course, some added challenges. It also, though, presents added opportunities to cast a wider net and interact with buyers in new ways. Enter the new rules of sales engagement. Read More

Essential sales tools every team needs to accelerate growth

From reducing manual processes to increasing account intelligence to improving sales predictability, sales technology helps both salespeople and sales managers to be better at what they do. Whether your goal is to accelerate growth, optimize sales outcomes, or scale your team, an investment in the right sales tools gives your organization the foundation to succeed.  Read More

9 Alternatives to Proposify

Proposify is a widely-used proposal software with a number of popular features, such as e-signature, analytic capabilities, custom templates, and payment collection abilities. But there are also a number of drawbacks that have led many customers to seek alternatives to Proposify. Read More

How to create a sales strategy plan for SaaS

The SaaS sales model isn’t brand new to the software industry, but many customers aren’t well-versed in what they’re getting with a SaaS solution. As a result, planning a sales strategy for SaaS offerings must consider the benefits of hosting, convenience, reliability, and security. Yet, the basic tenets of planning a sales strategy still hold true, regardless of the product or service delivery model. Read More

8 Alternatives to PandaDoc

Much of the power of professional sales is related to building relationships and understanding customer needs. But when it comes time to send a sales proposal, having access to a tool that can streamline the process and help to produce a professional proposal that can be immediately sent, reviewed, approved, and signed, can save time, money, and stress. Choosing the right proposal software tool matters. In this post, we explore a few of the more popular choices, including alternatives to PandaDoc. Read More

How to know if you need quote software

In this article, we discuss indicators that the manual, individualized method of sending proposals is counterproductive to sales generation and customer relationship management, and it might be time to consider a more efficient option: quote software. Read More

Overcoming sales objections: Price vs. Cost

Successful salespeople know that there’s an art to bringing price into the sales conversation—they also understand the differences between price vs. cost and how to demonstrate value, to overcome even the toughest sales objections. Read More

How to write a proposal that wins more business

A good sales proposal contains certain standard elements— most salespeople are already familiar with the common components. Here, though, we provide an outline of the type of content to include in your proposals to boost the likelihood of making a sale and improve your closed/won ratio. Read More