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Posts by Leo Ming

Product polish: Block Library Sidebar and Block Controls

qwilr sidebar

There’s always so much to do, and with the limited amount of time in our day, we’re constantly trying to make the most out of it. It goes without saying that we’re always trying to minimize the time we spend on menial tasks and maximize the amount of time spent on enjoyable activities. This is…

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Product Polish: Compact PDF Download

The PDF. It’s been around since the 1990s, and while business has changed a lot since then, PDFs haven’t. Qwilr Pages were made to be a better type of document — interactive, beautiful, responsive, and integrated with all your other tools.  But, we know there’s still a need for static documents for things like printing…

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Product polish: Building blocks for building docs

As the world begins to turn again, and modern life slowly inches back toward a familiar pace, making the most of the minutes is crucial. Not only does efficiency save time, but also energy, which, these days, is as important as anything.  To contribute to your overall efficiency, we’ve updated our Saved Block Library to…

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