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Archive for February 2021

A brief history of sales documents

Have you ever considered how strange it is that we still refer to our mobile devices as “phones.” Technically, they are, but they do so many other things at this point. In fact, one study even found that making a call doesn’t land on the list of top 10 uses for a cell phone.  Just…

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Why you should invest in all stages of the sales cycle

Companies with a dedicated, well-defined sales process experience 18% more revenue growth than companies without one. Understanding how customers move through your sales cycle makes it much easier to spot where your strategy falls short. You’ll know if a prospect is hitting all of the expected marks on the way to closing a sale, or…

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Product polish: Block Library Sidebar and Block Controls

qwilr sidebar

There’s always so much to do, and with the limited amount of time in our day, we’re constantly trying to make the most out of it. It goes without saying that we’re always trying to minimize the time we spend on menial tasks and maximize the amount of time spent on enjoyable activities. This is…

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Now that we’ve had a taste of remote work can we ever go back?

Have you ever had a truly mind-blowing eating experience? I have. It was a few years ago in Chicago. I was there visiting a friend who happens to know I’m somewhat of a cheeseburger connoisseur. With that knowledge, he decided to take me to a restaurant called Au Cheval.  Au Cheval sits in the West…

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Optimizing your buyer experience through web-based proposals

Do you remember the “dash button” from Amazon? They were literal buttons that when pushed ordered a specific item. Though a short-lived product (they were only around for about a year or so) they were pointing toward a certain type of future. A future where companies were optimizing to make a better buying experience.  To…

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What watching House Hunters taught me about selling

Sometimes, after a long day, all I want to do is partake in some mindless entertainment. Most of the time that means putting on some reality tv. I’m not into Real Housewives, or Kardashians (no judgement if you are), but what I can’t get enough is HGTV.  I don’t know why people looking for, buying,…

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9 things to look for when picking proposal software

If you were looking to purchase something to shelter you in a storm, you probably wouldn’t just buy a raincoat. Sure, it could do some of the job, but in the event of an actual storm, you’d need something to protect you in a much bigger way- ideally something that’s been designed for weathering storms.…

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Four ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

From time-to-time I like to peruse LinkedIn. It’s similar to scrolling through any other social app, but for some reason feels more productive (perhaps because it’s a business-related platform?) Sometimes I look at people I don’t know, but most of the time I tend to search people I do, or once did, to find out…

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Design basics: Utilizing color to make better proposals

Growing up we all probably heard the phrase, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” It’s an often-used metaphor to caution the listener against the failings of letting a first impression be the only impression. When it comes to people, and any number of other facets of life, it tends to be really great advice. …

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