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Archive for December 2020

The impact of B2B customer support in generating more sales

Businesses commonly invest vast amounts of capital into certain departments to gain potential customers. They include areas such as marketing and advertising. Another essential side of a business is customer support. An excellent customer support team is just as valuable as those other departments as it can also directly increase your company revenue.  B2B companies…

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4 management strategies to empower your remote sales team in 2021

Managing a sales team presents unique challenges. Throw in a newly remote workforce, plus a global pandemic, and it can be downright daunting.  According to Owl Lab’s State of Remote Work 2020 report, 70% of full-time U.S. workers shifted to remote work due to COVID, with 80% expecting to continue remote work at least part-time.…

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9 of our favorite discovery questions and why to use them

The first district manager I ever had once told me anytime he met a new salesperson the first thing he’d ask them is what their “opener” was. He swore that based on the answer they gave, he could guess how good a salesperson they were. For reference, his favorite opener was “what’s a typical day…

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5 ways to use Qwilr beyond proposals

Have you ever heard of the show MacGyver? It originally aired in 1985 and was rebooted later in 2016. The show follows MacGyver, a secret agent who, contrary to many other secret agent shows, relies on his own ingenuity and intelligence instead of fancy gadgets and weapons.  The most defining MacGyver trait, and the one…

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