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Archive for October 2020

How to get out of a sales slump

As a writer, what I fear most is writer’s block. My job is centered around being able to write words. So, not being able to would be quite problematic. And almost every profession has some version of “writer’s block.”  For a software engineer, it might be that their code keeps having lots of bugs. Or,…

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How to create a sales scorecard

We all love data. And lately, it feels like there’s an app to track everything. As humans, we are continually seeking opportunities to know how we are doing and how we could be doing better. It’s no different in sales. Creating a sales scorecard for your team gives them the performance information and feedback they…

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How to build confidence and why it matters

I’m not much of a dancer . I have decent rhythm and am not overly clunky in my movement (I promise this is going somewhere), but I never felt totally comfortable “cutting a rug.” And my dance aversion was never an issue until I moved to New Orleans, a very dance-centric place.  Shortly after graduating…

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How to write inclusive proposals

In my brief time working for an Australian company (I’m American) I’ve learned a couple of things. First, Australian people really use the word “bloke.” I only knew the term from Outback Steakhouse bathroom signs and wasn’t sure if it was really part of the local lexicon.  Along that same line, I’ve also learned that…

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Take a note from pop music: Sales proposals that convert

If you’re a fan of pop music, you may have noticed that most of it follows a similar structure. The most common is verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge (sometimes), chorus. Almost every song you hear on the radio follows this format, or some slight variation of it. The more interesting part is that the subject…

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5 reasons to consider a job in sales

I never considered a job in sales. My very first job was in retail. Specifically, I worked in the “wall coverings” department of a hardware store. Effectively, what it meant was I mixed paint for a living. It was an alright first job. There wasn’t a huge learning curve and I was paid fairly. But…

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