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Archive for September 2020

7 sales books with actionable advice

Did you know we get the feeling of satisfaction we get from telling someone we’re going to do something and actually doing that thing are almost the same? It’s a pretty bizarre thing to learn. It also made me think, “is that why watching inspirational videos is so satisfying?”  I’m going to be upfront with…

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How to succeed as an introvert in sales

Are you familiar with Snapple Facts? They’re the little bite-sized factoids on the underside of Snapple caps. Generally, they’re amusing and contain something worthy of dinner party fodder. For example, a favorite of mine is, “the first spam message was transmitted over telegraph wires in 1864.” Since Snapple Facts are essentially meant for entertainment (they…

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How to build strong sales relationships in a remote world

When I was growing up, my dad traveled a decent amount for work. Sometimes it would be for a couple of weeks at time, and others months at a time. As a kid, I didn’t know anything different. It was totally normal to me. However, as I got older and would tell people my experience,…

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Reframe: using language to your advantage

As a writer, I tend to think about words quite a bit. It’s not an all-consuming thing, but I may be a bit more mindful of my p’s and q’s than some. There is an aspect of pragmatism to it. Were I to misuse a word it would be pretty embarrassing as I am a…

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3 interesting ways to use surveys for sales discovery

How often do you spend a ton of time working on a new lead… only for them to ghost and never become a client? There are many reasons why your prospects might disappear, and one of them is that you didn’t do enough discovery. Generating insights about your prospects’ needs can help you customize your…

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How to create feedback culture on your sales team

Have you ever played golf? Convention would lead you to believe it should be simple. All you’re doing is hitting a ball that’s sitting in place, right? However, there are a few details about golf that make it more difficult than one might think.  First, it’s not a very big ball. Second, people are watching…

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