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Archive for June 2020

How to handle customer objections to close more deals

As a child I was scared of the dark. Each night I’d check under my bed, and inside my closet, to make sure there was nothing lurking in the shadows. Convinced I’d covered all my bases, I’d switch off the light and get under the sheets.  Inevitably, every night, there’d be some crick or creek…

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Stepping up, and stepping in, to help those in need

Proposals, pitches, and quotes are some of the most common documents made with Qwilr. However, the benefits of beautiful design and dynamic content go beyond sales. Over the years, we’ve seen people use Qwilr for all kinds of different things. Really, Qwilr is useful anytime you want to create an immersive and personal experience that…

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How to spot and stop burnout

When I was younger I loved the movie The Fast and the Furious (yes, you’re free to judge me). The cool cars and intense action blew my 11-year-old mind. I saw the movie in theaters seven times–I think. However, when I wanted to go for an eighth time, I couldn’t find any volunteers. My preteen-brain…

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