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Archive for March 2020

COVID-19: What we’re doing to help

In the wake of COVID-19, we’re all up against some stark challenges. But perhaps now more than ever, it’s clear that we’re in it together. We’re all part of a global community — and it’s our view that we should be helping one another in whatever ways we can, no matter how small. Here’s what…

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The 5 must-have sections in your construction proposal

The winner is definitely in the details when it comes to amazing construction proposals. Your sales team likely already has a complicated relationship with proposals. Construction proposals are the lifeblood of any firm– it’s how your team brings money into the company. Without this critical document, you don’t have a business. Creating these proposals however…

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How to best present past projects in your website proposal

As a web developer, your job is all about creating excellent websites! Writing website proposals will come to be a task that drives your business forward and as such, you’ll do it again and again. Your proposal should ultimately be more about your prospect than your company, but that doesn’t mean you should leave out…

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