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Archive for February 2020

Product polish: design-driven documents

So far this year, we’ve spent time on features that give you more flexibility when designing your Qwilr Pages, including one of your top requested features, 2 Columns. That’s because we know that design isn’t just for the creatives anymore. In today’s hyper-competitive world, it’s becoming increasingly important for all business functions from marketing, to…

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Why social proof is a MUST in your business proposal

Social proof.  The force influencing our everyday decision-making process.  Social proof exists because as a society, we group together. All of the people around you (and their decisions) are pushing and pulling you to either do or not do certain things. This herd mentality phenomenon is a strong force as far as influencing our behaviors…

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Three ways to reduce the time it takes to create a business proposal

How do you handle business? Great leadership means that there’s a balance of both reactive pivots and proactive outreach. Having both is necessary to successfully achieve your internal revenue objectives. When you’re pitching business in a highly competitive industry, taking the time to be proactive is critical. You likely already know this; you’re focused and…

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How to best present past projects in your marketing proposal

It’s important to the process of closing sales that you don’t confuse your prospective client by putting irrelevant content into the wrong sections. We often see marketers (such as yourself) put the performance data into the experience section of their marketing proposals. Remember, experience refers to the past involvement on projects that are similar to…

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Why social proof is a MUST in your marketing proposal

There’s a lot of anxiety around B2B purchasing.  The truth is that we don’t know how any one decision will work out for us. Even in business (especially in business), there are a lot of unknowns. Despite this, we take a gamble, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t lessen the risk.  As a marketer,…

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The 5 must-have sections in your sales proposal

Great sales proposals don’t happen overnight. Your sales proposal will be reviewed by all decision-makers and purchasers involved in the process. On occasion, proposals are just a mere formality and your prospect has already made their decision. But it’s much more likely that your proposal is what makes all the difference. More often than not,…

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