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Archive for February 2019

Product polish: here’s what we’re proud of this month

Staying productive? Got a to-do list that never seems to be end? Feel like focus is fraying mid-week? We get it. Between multi-tasking, prioritizing the stuff on that list, and genuinely building relationships with your customers, it’s not easy to earn back time in your week. The easiest way to make a positive dent in…

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The beginner’s guide to creating an event sponsorship plan

Getting the right sponsors to join forces with you for your conference can make a big impact on the success of your event. It’s a guaranteed revenue source, and if you partner with relevant companies, the relationship will also provide added value to attendees. To do this well, take the time to create personalized packages…

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Burgers and business—how to find the secret sauce in your vision

What’s your small business signature? Successful businesses are like Big Macs—sure, they’re burgers and there’s plenty other types out there. But they have a special ingredient that keeps you coming back for more. Defining your small business special sauce—whether it’s creative output, customer service or unrivalled lead generation—focuses your business to create the lifestyle you…

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