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Qwilr API Use Cases

Integrate the power of Qwilr with your CRM or data source and fast-track your sales processes with our API. Explore how to enable sales automation with our use cases below.


Generate high-volume automated proposals

Using the API you can build pages automatically block-by-block. Create personalized proposals, with custom tokens pulling straight from your home-grown CRM - at the click of a button.


Create personalized building blocks for beautiful quotes

Automate the generation of beautiful rich-media brochures of relevant products with images, videos, and more using saved blocks with tokens. Merge customer and quote data from any data source, to deliver a single highly targeted proposal.


Connect Qwilr documents to your fulfilment system

Connect your document events, like 'Quote accepted', directly to your payment gateway. Or directly to the next step in your sales workflow.


Generate reports

Build a structured report, inserting required inputs from any system. Assemble data from different places into one single, visual report.


Generate outbound leads

Take two or three relevant data points about an outbound prospect to build a compelling, personalized lead-generation page that feels truly hand-crafted. Use saved blocks to tell a story unique for different audiences.


Create customized contracts

Automate a customized and personalized contract for NDA's or any other rapid-turnaround contracts, straight from your custom CRM.

Webinar: Document automation with Qwilr's new API

Join our product lead, Matt Russell, for a tour of the new Qwilr API and how to generate web-page quality documents at scale, from any system.

When: June 8th, 4pm PST