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Qwilr Academy

Welcome to our library of guides and videos!

Getting Started

Getting started with Qwilr

New to Qwilr? Wondering how to get started? This guide walks you through creating your first Qwilr Page.

Qwilr Feature Education

Quote Block + Accept Block

When you add a Quote Block and an Accept Block to your Qwilr Page, you have a powerful duo that helps you close sales. Learn how to use these handy blocks.


Qwilr + HubSpot

Connect Qwilr and HubSpot, and you’ll be creating and managing personalized proposals, right from your HubSpot account.

Qwilr Feature Education

Creating and Managing Templates

A good set of Qwilr templates helps your team stay nimble, creating proposals that are on brand and customized to each prospect. Learn all about building and managing your template library.

Sales Education

Using Surveys in your Sales Process

Surveys can play a powerful role in every stage of your sales process, from qualifying leads to closing the sale. This videos filled with great ideas.

Sales Education

Streamline Your Sales Process With Saved Content

How quickly can you create a winning sales proposal? Learn about Qwilr’s content libraries and how they’ll make your team more efficient.


Qwilr + Live Chat

Give your clients a chance to ask questions and offer feedback, right in your Qwilr Pages, in real time. Our chat integrations make it easy.


Qwilr + Salesforce

When you connect Qwilr and Salesforce, your team can build personalized proposals right from your Salesforce records, and then keep track of their status through the sales cycle.

Sales Education

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Give your team the edge over your competitors by leveraging Qwilr’s automation tools. This guide will give you lots of great ideas.